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"Helping people and businesses realize
and achieve their maximum potential."
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newanimation11.gif - 2572 Bytes Exciting new second edition of Big Ideas for Growing Your Small Business due for release late April. To see sample chapter and table of contents click here. Orders now being taken.

Welcome to Services, home of Frances McGuckin, the small business expert, award-winning motivational small business speaker, consultant and best-selling author. Frances has been inspiring entrepreneurs, associations and individuals to realize their dreams for twenty years.

Enjoy this new and updated site. Visitors have told us they particularly enjoy the:
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May success and happiness be yours...always.
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Released in Russia
January 2004!
NEW Quicken Business Tool Kit
Includes Business for Beginners!
Retail price $149.95 Cdn
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No. 7 best-selling business book in Canada, Quill and Quire, November 28, 2003
Third Edition January, 2003

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Frances contributes to February article in Black Enterprise. Turning Receivables into Received

Frances contributes to March articles in Womens Wall Street. Taking Care of Business and Take This Job and Shove It?

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Click here for the article on Seven Secrets to Business Success
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Featured in April issue of Entrepreneur Magazine
Click here for article on Give 'Em Credit

Featured in Feb/04 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine.
Click here for article on financial dilemma

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Featured in BusinessWeek Online May 2003.
Click here for article on business insurance
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Featured at June 2003.
Click here for article on Deadly Fears of Entrepreneurship
Click here for a review of Business for Beginners

Frances McGuckin receives Special Achievement Award from the 2003 Surrey International Writers Conference! Click here to read the details!

cup.gif - 53621 Bytes One of Vancouver's Five Most Influential Women in Business. Awarded by Business in Vancouver, February 2002 Click Here for Award Info

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