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Business for Beginners
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Just released, March 2005
US edition

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From research and business plans to money, marketing and the law
336 pages, 7 x 9 paperback
Sourcebooks, Inc, USA

Launching the new four-book series:
$14.95 US

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Best-seller, March 2003
Canadian Edition

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A simple step-by-step
guide to starting a small
336 pages, 7 x 9 paperback
Eastleigh Publications, BC

Click below for a sneak preview of:

“As an author in our Canadian small business series, Frances McGuckin has shown again and again that she knows how to take a difficult subject and make it easily understandable to the first-time entrepreneur. Business for Beginners continued success demonstrates Frances’ commitment to helping entrepreneurs succeed the first-time around.”

After nearly eight years in print, this bestseller is now used in college and university entrepreneurship programs and as a business start-up reference across Canada and in the United States. Its popular, easy to digest yet comprehensive content has made it popular with the first-time entrepreneur. Big Ideas for Growing Your Small Business, second Canadian edition, and Taking Your Business to the Next Level, US edition, released by Sourcebooks, Inc. April 2005.

This new edition is completely rewritten with many added extras. Similar in design to its companion book by Frances McGuckin, Big Ideas for Growing Your Small Business (McGraw-Hill Ryerson), some exciting changes include a larger 7 x 9 format with more pages, more and revised checklists, questionnaires and examples, in-text Web references, highlighted $UCCE$$ $TRATEGIE$ and case studies, all presented in an exciting new design layout.


  • Evaluate and hone entrepreneurial skills
  • Understand basic accounting and set up their books
  • Develop an in-depth winning business plan
  • Understand legal and tax requirements
  • Make the right business start-up or purchase decision
  • Understand financial terms and statements
  • Organize their time and paperwork
  • Thoroughly research the market
  • Target market and market on a budget
  • Survive a home office... and more
Available at your favourite bookstore,, or


For a review copy or enquiries, contact:
1-888-771-2771 604-530-3601

New price: $23.95 CDN / $14.95 US


“The first item on our agenda is distributing Business for Beginners to our new class of entrepreneurs.”
Gord Evans, Business Advisor, Self Employment Benefit Program, Small Business Centre, London, Ontario

“I have highly recommended Business for Beginners to viewers who call our show with start-up questions. I find it to be the best beginners guide available. A must for aspiring entrepreneurs.”
Pam LaSuita, Producer, Careers TV, Canadian Learning Television

“When we were searching for a well-written financial manual to include with our Business Plan software, the obvious choice was Business for Beginners. Frances McGuckin has produced a thorough, easy-to-read guide to personal finances that even beginners, with the most basic understanding of business needs, can use effectively.”
Damian Cristiani, President, Global Star Software

“The book is exactly as promised—a simple step-by-step guide for starting your own business! The easy-to-read style makes the information seem like anyone is able to start a business... Congratulations on a job well-done! We feel privileged and proud we are able to feature such a wealth of information in our Career Centre by a local author.”
Mary Ellen Kuehl, Trinity Western University, Langley, B.C.

“The easy to read formula and ‘back to basics’ approach is just what we have been looking for in training material. I commend Frances on her excellent book.”
Susanna LaChance-Watson, Self-Employment Coordinator, Community Futures Development Corp. (CFDC) of Cariboo, B.C.

“We have found this book to be a valuable resource in business start-up...very informative and easy to understand. Starting a business has never been the easiest task to accomplish...Business For Beginners makes the task achievable.”
Cal Purcell, Government Liaison, Sprott-Shaw Community College

“The book has an excellent format...the language used makes the book very easy to read... it can be read and understood by the various ethnic groups whose first language is not English.... Please accept my congratulations on your efforts to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in Canada.”
Kofi Ohene-Asante, EASE Self Employment Program

“As an observer of small business, it has long struck me that there was so little information available in easily readable form for the new entrepreneur. Then Fran McGuckin’s book came on the scene offering a simple, step-by-step guide and I thought, Hallelujah, at last someone has offered a thorough course in business start-up that’s understandable by the neophyte. I congratulate Fran, because Business For Beginners fills the niche that no one seemed to want to fill.”
Tony Wanless, Money and Small Business Writer, The Province

"Business for Beginners is an excellent resource guide for entrepreneurs who are just starting their business ... It is clearly written, concise and filled with valuable information that both my students and I have greatly benefitted from. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to achieve success in their entrepreneurial endeavours.”
Crystal Flaman, Entrepreneur and Facilitator, CFDC Entrepreneurial Assessment Program

“The material is thorough and covers all the basics when it comes to small business start-up... This book provides the perfect introduction to starting a small business. I am going to recommend it to my next self-employment class.”
Tonya Furlong, SE Benefit Coordinator, Nipissing East Community Opportunities, Ontario

“With the rapid rise in self-employment, Business for Beginners is in the right place at the right time, providing practical, easy-to-read advice and guidance for start-up companies. Well done, Frances!”
Peter Thomson, Director, Venture Development Centre, British Columbia Institute of Technology

“I’m only halfway through your book and I have to honestly say that it is one of the best, if not the best book on small business that I have read—and I’ve read a lot in my time. I have found that most other small biz books are too institutional, which in most cases creates confusion, not clarity. I think it would be safe for me to say that there is genius in your simplicity.”
Mike Phipps, Marketing Manager, Delta Chamber of Commerce

“It’s a great book! You are to be congratulated on having written such an informative and interesting book... It is a valuable contribution for both new business owners and as a small business information resource.”
Doris Miedzinski, Office Manager, The Kiwanis Enterprise Centre


“I would like to thank you for Business for Beginners... I have used it extensively and it’s a great reference.”

“We found your book very informative!”

“I would like to compliment you on this excellent book. I teach entrepreneurship at U.S. public schools and at a university. I would like permission to use part of this text in my classes.”

“I just purchased Business for Beginners. It is terrific! Now my future business partner is reading it, taking note of everything I underlined.”

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