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Starting a business is the great entrepreneurial dream. Staying in business and successfully growing that dream takes hard work, commitment and guidance. Frances has been helping businesses realize that dream for twenty years and can help you.

small_pin_blue_md_clr.gif - 2174 Bytes Consulting services: start-up
• Assess your entrepreneurial experience and suitability for the business.
• Assess your idea and formulate a plan to implement the idea.
• Review business purchases and contracts for financial viability, pricing, asset values, longevity.
• Review past financial statements of the prospective business for areas of concern and performance.
• Review projections of future performance for viability and practicability.
• Recommend other professional services warranted, such as legal and accounting.
• Review business plans for viability and presentation to lending institutions or investors, including physical presentation.
• Design administrative systems to maximize efficiency.
• Design efficient and informative accounting and bookkeeping systems, using either manual or software programs.
• Monitor your progress regularly to ensure success, including reviewing financial figures, marketing and sales strategies.
small_pin_blue_md_clr.gif - 2174 Bytes Consulting services: business growth and operations
Blu_ball.gif - 924 Bytes Operations: Assess and analyze how your business is currently situated and identify negative factors. Offer solutions in areas such as:
    • Lack of bottom-line profits
• Top-heavy overhead expenses
• Unsatisfactory gross profits
• Disorganized administrative systems
• Ineffective accounting systems
• Employee problems – lack of motivation, theft, unclear job descriptions
• Decreasing markets.

Blu_ball.gif - 924 Bytes Financial: Fully analyze financial statements for important areas of concern and suggest and/or design solutions for problems such as:
• Bad debts, top-heavy accounts receivable
• Unsuccessful collections and slow-paying customers
• Slow-moving inventory
• Poor cash flow
• Poor inventory control
• Out-of-control accounts payable
• Late tax payments to government.

Blu_ball.gif - 924 Bytes Marketing: Review your marketing strategies and suggest solutions to:
• Narrow the focus of your market
• Reach that market
• Diversify
• Work with the media for exposure
• Use low-cost, long-term effective strategies
• Improve verbal and written communication skills
• Get published and increase your reputation as “the expert”
• Use co-marketing strategies
• Home-office isolation.

Blu_ball.gif - 924 Bytes Business growth: Growing physically bigger isn't always the right solution. Sometimes working smarter is the first step to business growth. If you are wanting to expand, an in-depth consultation will help to identify problems that may arise before you make that big decision. A full review of your business history, performance, marketplace share, business plan and future plans is essential.

Blu_ball.gif - 924 Bytes Crisis management: The failure rate for small business is 80 to 90 percent. Rather than be a sad statistic, if you are experiencing financial problems, let's talk about the ten-step plan to review and rectify the problem. This includes:
• Reviewing gross profits and overhead expenses
• Preparing a bare-bones budget
• Reviewing marketing strategies
• Dealing with tax agencies and trade suppliers
• Turbo-charging collections
• Assessing your mental and physical shape
• Understanding your options, including the last alternative – bankruptcy.

Blu_ball.gif - 924 Bytes Looking after you: A successful business usually has a healthy, happy, positive and fit captain at the helm. Are you making time for yourself and reaching for some inner goals? Are you eating healthily, exercising and feeling good about who you are? As a reformed and unfit workaholic who now jogs, pushes weights and has lost 30 pounds and feels terrific, I can offer some suggestions from experience to getting your personal life back on track.
Where possible, I will come to your premises to get a “hands-on” feel for your business.
small_pin_blue_md_clr.gif - 2174 Bytes Consulting Services: self-publishing
Self-publishing is a serious business that can create many financial and emotional heartbreaks if it is not thoroughly researched and if your book is not professionally produced. It can also be an excellent income generator and increase your credibility as an expert in your chosen field. A consultation can guide you through:
• Identifying your true target market
• Identifying your primary and secondary markets
• Deciding on print-on-demand or commercial production
• Understanding all the steps in the production process
• Finding recommended editors, text designers, cover designers, a distributor and production consultants
• The various marketing avenues
• Media coverage and how to get it
• Knowing what a publicist can do for you
• Storage, shipping and distribution channels
• On-line bookstores
• Planning a budget
• Using your book to increase your “expert” reputation.
small_pin_blue_md_clr.gif - 2174 Bytes Fees:
Consulting fees can be structured in three different ways:
• Hourly
• Monthly
• Three-month contracts
• All-inclusive contracts.

Contact Frances McGuckin for further information.

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