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"Helping people and businesses realize and achieve their maximum potential."
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Frances McGuckin says, I'M BACK!

fran chicken soup book.jpg - 133545 BytesAfter a twelve-year recovery from a serious brain injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident in 2005, I am now “kind of retired”, but back writing again. Known in my previous life as an award-winning small business expert and best-selling author, I felt honoured to be internationally recognized as the SmallBizPro, ranking No.1 “small business expert and author” on Google in the mid-2000s. Also a motivational speaker, consultant and columnist, my books, Business for Beginners, Big Ideas for Growing Your Small Business and Taking Your Business to the Next Level were published globally in seven languages. Enjoy sample chapters and small business articles on this site. I'm not working in the field of small business now, but have left all the information up to share with you. My two US small business books are still selling after 12 years! See more info below.

I can now say, “Look out world, I’m back!” I thought I would never write or speak again. But now a new “2.0" simplified version of my old self, I want to share my messages of hope, healing and inspiration. My two 2016 videos below will further explain my "new life" philosophies. Since returning to writing, I have two stories published in the new Canadian release: Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Spirit of Canada, 101 Stories of Love and Gratitude, co-authored by Janet Mathews and Amy Newmark. The book, released June 6th, 2017 celebrates Canada’s 150th birthday. Out of thousands of submissions, I am thrilled to be a part of this very special book. You can read “My Log Home Critters” and “This Is How Do It!” in this highly inspirational and historical Chicken Soup edition.

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Released June 6, 2017, available on Amazon.ca, Amazon.com and all good bookstores.
432 pages, $14.95 US, $17.95 Cdn.

These books are available in 20-lot cases for a fabulous price for non-profit organizations to use as fund-raisers.
Please contact me for more information.

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Remember to have some fun and fitness in each day
Click here for some fun and fitness articles

Frances completed the 31-Day Workout For Cancer Challenge in May, 2017 to raise funds and awarness. She walked and ellipticalled 305,300 steps, 135 miles, 4000 active minutes, 45 hours of weight lifting and core exercises to honour all those touched by cancer.

May success and happiness be yours...always.
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Business for Beginners
From Research and Business Plans to Money, Marketing and the Law. 336 pages, ISBN 1-4022-0392-6 Sourcebooks Inc, Amazon.com, Amazon.ca

Taking Your Business to the Next Level, 336 pages, ISBN 1-4022-0393-4 Sourcebooks Inc., Amazon.ca

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OVER 150,000 sold in Canada and the USA! Books are published in seven languages.

Look for sample chapters under "BOOK INFO"
Business for Beginners,
released in Indonesia 2005
Quicken Business tool Kit
Includes Business for Beginners
Released in Russia
January 2004!
Big Ideas 2nd Edition
2004 (out of print)
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Business for Beginners
3rd Edition 2003 (out of print)

My first interviews in 12 years, summer 2016
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Business Success
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Frances was interviewed for a small business article hiring practices, February 2006.
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Featured in May issue of Entrepreneur Magazine
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Featured in Jan/07 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine
Will 2007 be a good time to bust some business moves?
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Interviewed in Costco Connection January 2006.
Click here for article on business insurance
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Featured at CanadaOne.com June 2003.
Click here for article on Deadly Fears of Entrepreneurship

cup.gif - 53621 Bytes One of Vancouver's Five Most Influential Women in Business. Awarded by Business in Vancouver, February 2002

Frances McGuckin receives Special Achievement Award from the 2003 Surrey International Writers Conference!

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