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Workshops are customized to your specific industry, requirements and time constraints, incorporating the messages that you feel your participants need to hear the most.

Low-Cost, No-Cost Marketing Magic
(1.5 to 3-hour workshop)

Why spend money on advertising? There is a myriad of methods available to market without blowing your budget – if you are prepared to spend the time understanding your target market and how to reach them. Then you build your communication skills, learn to network effectively, and utilize a low-cost media mix – and the media – to get powerful messages across to your customers. This interactive workshop reveals all the successful, long-term and low-cost marketing strategies.

Big Ideas for Growing Your Small Business
(1.5 hours to three-hour workshop)

Essential information for any association with a self-employed membership, entrepreneurial training programs, universities or colleges. It takes multi-faceted entrepreneurial skills to maintain and grow a profitable business. Learn the secrets to business success by the author of this popular and necessary book, published in January 2001 by McGraw-Hill Ryerson in their well-known SOHO series. An ideal venue for tailoring your specific messages to participants.

Why Aren’t My Customers Coming Back?
(1.5 hour workshop)

Probably because they aren’t being taken care of. Don’t become complacent – customer loyalty is easily lost if you don’t provide ongoing appreciation, service, contact and support. Smaller businesses can survive their larger big-box competitors by accelerating customer service. Learn how to win your customers back and keep them with simple yet effective and proven, low-cost methods, starting with that first phone call and including having clean washrooms!

Keeping Control of the Financial Reins
(1.5 to 3-hour workshop)

Flying by the seat of your pants just makes large holes. The financial aspect of many businesses is often the last area to be taken seriously. Perhaps it’s time to take a look at just what is good business management and planning, what your accounting tells you, how to use this information to grow, how to plot a break-even point, personal tax planning, and controlling receivables and payables.

Are You Organized – or Out of Control?
(1.5 hour workshop)

A business has at least 60 different jobs to tackle. How do you organize it all? You need efficient administrative, inventory and accounting systems, an efficient manager who understands time-management, an efficient computer system and a sufficient cash-flow. Learn how to de-stress and de-clutter your life and organize all of the above using simple yet effective systems.

Go for Your Goals...and Dream a Little Too
(1.5 to 3-hour workshop, teenage and young entrepreneurs)

As baby-boomers proliferate, the future of any economy rides on young people who will become entrepreneurs. This highly inspirational, fun and interactive seminar will motivate young people to believe in themselves and follow their dreams – along with some practical advice and young entrepreneurial success stories.

Business Excellence is Not an Impossible Dream

(1.5 to 3-hour hour workshop)

Anyone in business can achieve business excellence if they are prepared to strive for it. Learn how to dispel the six self-defeating myths and focus on the two key areas that constitute excellence – you and the business. Owners must strive to improve communication, listening and sales skills, achieve a balance in their life, set goals and give back to others. The business must present a professional image, keep up with technology, become community-oriented and give back, change with trends and be fiscally managed. This is business excellence.

What the heck is a Financial Statement?
(Recommended length 3 hours)

The majority of small business owners don’t understand the workings of a financial statement and the important information it contains to monitor and successfully grow a business. In fact, many have never seen one. This seminar discusses why you need financial statements, the accounting cycle and business terminology, analyzing a financial statement, using the information to formulate a budget and monitor results, and analysis of a break-even point.

Your Home Office – Heaven or Hell?
(1.5 to 3-hour workshop)

Operating a home office presents more unique challenges than working in a structured environment. It requires discipline, routine, organization and motivation. This seminar explores ten tips to overcome the challenges, good business management, professionalism and the physical appearance of the business, polishing communication skills, organization, the advantages and disadvantages of a home office, the A-Z entrepreneur, vehicle and home-office deductible expenses, what accounting tells you, and understanding a break-even point.

Speak to Succeed – The 5 “Ts” for Terrific Talking
(1.5 to 3-hour workshop)

The biggest fear in the world is the fear of public speaking. A business is built on the ability of both owners and their employees to know how to communicate in any given situation. Inspire and motivate your team to increase their verbal presentation skills by applying the Five T's and the Seven Cs of public speaking. Whether talking on the phone, closing a sale, chairing a meeting, or making a public presentation – this workshop is a business necessity.

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