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"...An absolutely wonderful address during our 2002 international trade show in Toronto. ..entertaining, inspiring, and motivating. ..suggested highly innovative ideas that the dealers can take home and put to play right away to be more successful in their business endeavors."
Judy Patterson, President, Vacuum and Sewing Dealers Trade Association, Des Moines, IA.

checker.gif - 887 BytesSurviving and Succeeding in a Changing World
(45- minute to one-hour keynote – adaptable to individual industries, associations or the retail sector.)

No one likes to change, but change happens. The businesses that succeed have learned to address change positively and creatively take advantage of it by "thinking outside of the box." Learn how to be a David and compete with the Goliaths by being financially fit, administratively astute, technologically terrific, client-conscious, positively positioned and be tracking trends. This popular keynote involves audience interaction and drives the message home that a business is a golden opportunity – what you do with it is up to you. Golden box included.

checker.gif - 887 BytesGo For Your Goals – But Take Your Body Too
(45-minute to one-hour keynote, can be adapted to business, employees in the workplace or women-only audiences)

Demands from business, clients, work and family create stress, physical unfitness, and ultimately burn-out or mediocre performance, loss of interest in businesses and jobs, and lack of direction. Learn about goal-setting, success principles, injecting some fun and humour into the workplace, overcoming fear, and making time for oneself, including the benefits of physical fitness to enhance overall performance and a positive attitude. Participants must be prepared to laugh and have a little fun and receive a Fran's Fun and Fitness Bag, including red noses.

checker.gif - 887 BytesBig Ideas for Growing Your Small Business
(45-minute to one-hour keynote)

Growing a business doesn't necessarily mean getting physically larger, but it does mean working smarter and incorporating intrinsic values into business, such as excellent customer service and community involvement. Inspire your entrepreneurial audience to plan for growth and business success. Participants will take away valuable tools and ideas that can be immediately applied to their businesses, along with some good old-fashioned inspiration to motivate them that "no matter how small your business is, you can do it!"

"The one speaker who held me in awe was Frances McGuckin, for in two hours, she was able to achieve something the COPE National Board of Directors has been trying to do for years. This tiny vivacious lady did it."
Margaret Delaney, Past President, COPE National

checker.gif - 887 BytesBusiness Excellence is Not an Impossible Dream
(45-minute to one-hour keynote)

Anyone in business can achieve business excellence if they are prepared to strive for it. Learn how to dispel the six self-defeating myths and focus on the two key areas that constitute excellence – you and the business. Owners must work to improve communication, listening and sales skills, achieve a balance in their life, set goals and give back to others. The business must present a professional image, keep up with technology, become community-oriented and give back, change with trends and be fiscally managed. This is business excellence.

checker.gif - 887 BytesGo for Your Goals...and Dream a Little Too
(45-minute to one-hour keynote for teenage and young entrepreneurs)

As baby-boomers proliferate, the future of any economy rides on young people who will become entrepreneurs. This highly inspirational, fun and interactive keynote will motivate young people to believe in themselves and follow their dreams – along with some practical advice and young entrepreneurial success stories.

checker.gif - 887 Bytes Customized keynotes
All keynotes are tailored to suit each individual audience's needs. If the topic isn't in this list, ask about having a keynote designed to incorporate your specific messages.

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