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Helping your conference to be a success and a positive learning experience for your participants is my goal. To achieve this, I will work hand-in-hand with you by providing the following services:

Before each presentation
• Have in-depth discussions with bureaus, event planners or meeting coordinators to ensure that the needs of your audience are met through the presentations.
• Customize each presentation to incorporate your theme and messages.
• Send a detailed pre-program questionnaire to ensure that all details and requirements are documented.
• Send a detailed contract outlining all matters discussed.
• Contact people within your industry to get feedback for the presentation.
• Provide informative handouts for workshop participants.
• Provide a one-sheet handout to keynote audiences.
• Review relevant industry background information.
• Provide one-sheet evaluations.

Travel arrangements
• Arrange airfare and accommodation where needed to ensure that there is plenty of time should flights be delayed.
• Bill all travel and related costs promptly after the event.
• An all-inclusive fee, including expenses, can be quoted.
• Fly at an affordable cost and “watch the expense pennies” (no first-class seats, lobster or champagne).
• Inform you of my full travel itinerary and contact you the moment I arrive.

Marketing and promotion
• Provide press releases and contact media resources or supply media contacts or ideas if needed.
• Contact your membership by e-mail to encourage attendance at the event.
• Promptly provide any photos, articles or materials that will help you to promote your event.

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The presentation
• Arrive early or the day before to meet with you, orient myself with the room set up and ensure that all audio-visual requirements are in place.
• Prepare room and handouts well in advance of the session.
• Be available to network and get to know your attendees before the presentations to help build a rapport (travel time permitting).
• Be available to your attendees to answer questions and help them during my stay.

Book sales
• Offer my books to your attendees at a discounted price, and for non-profit organizations, with a percentage going to your organization.
• Ensure that books are shipped and arrive at the designated location in time for the event.

pic_partners.gif - 22116 Bytes After the presentation
• Be available by phone or e-mail for ongoing support for any participants who may have questions after the presentation.
• Collate and send a summary of the evaluations within two weeks of the event.
• Follow up with suggestions or feedback after the event that would be useful to your organization.
• Offer a money-back guarantee if the presentation was not what was discussed.
• If you were happy with the presentation, I would appreciate a letter of reference.

My success depends on your success. This is my commitment to you.

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